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 Soft tissue dysfunction as the main cause of pain in MM

  • Dr. C. Daniel Strán Frugoni

    Orthopedic Physician of the Vertebral Column

Montevideo, Uruguay


The mechanic muscular disfunction causes thigh muscular bands (TB) and trigger points (TP) due to a neurogenical effect originated in the spine. These pathophysiological effects are the principal causes of pain and functional limitation in the musculoskeletal´s system mechanic pathology.

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1988 Doctor of Medicine, Universidad de la República, Montevideo (UDELAR), Uruguay

1988-2010 General Practitioner and Resident of Internal Medicine at the Assistance Center of the Medical Union of Uruguay

1989-1992 Postgraduate education in internal medicine

1990-1999 Co-founder of the AHT Polyclinic at Pasteur Hospital in the School of Medicine, Udelar, Montevideo, Uruguay

1994 Student of Prof. Arturo Berhuet (graduated from Palmer College), in Santiago de Chile

Author of the method of approaching the Neuro-Myo-Fascial Syndrome that bears his name, based on the technique of R. Nimmo

Speaker at numerous international scientific meetings of Manual Medicine. Author of books and articles of Manual Orthopedic Medicine

2003-2017 Co-founder of the Barcelona Group of Orthopedic Medicine I Manual (GBMOIM) and professor of its courses

Member of the Spanish Society of Osteopathic and Manual Orthopedic Medicine (SEMOOYM) and professor of its courses