FIMM project on education


What is it all about?

The FIMM General Assembly revised its statutes in 2016. The revised statutes regulate the right to vote in the General Assembly. The right to vote is limited to fractions consisting of one or several ordinary members reaching together a total of at least 25 qualified physicians. According to the new art. 8.1.3 of the statutes, qualified physicians are physicians or surgeons qualified according to the national regulations of the country of their member society. After 2023 qualified physicians must fulfil the 300 hours of training in Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine criteria of the FIMM Guidelines for Education and Safety.


The task of the FIMM Project on education is to develop and implement educational programs that will support the basic curriculum of 300 hours training in Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine.


Education board director
Ass Prof Ilia TODOROV
Saint Marina University Hospital
BG-9002 Varna