Lecture 4

Analgesic effect of manual therapy in complex treatment of patients with chronic vertebrogenic lumbosciatica

  • Prof. Vitaliy Gubenko, MD, Dr. Sc.

    Internal Medicine
    Reflexotherapy and Manual Therapy
    Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and Sports Medicine

Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine
Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
and Sports Medicine Department
/ Therapeutic Faculty
Dorogozhitska Street 9
Kyiv, Ukraine, 04112


The aim of the study was to study the analgesic effect of using complex treatment with Manual Therapy (MT) on pain, improvement the range of motion of the lumbar spine movement and functional disability in patients with chronic vertebrogenic lumbosciatica. The examination consisted of a clinical physical examination, testing the severity of the pain syndrome (visual pain scale, short MacGill scale) and the establishment the level of disability by testing of the Oswestry Disability Index. The clinical group (45 patients) was received MT in complex treatment, that consist of pharmacological treatment (blocks of lidocaine 2% in the painful points of the lower back, buttocks; structure-modifying medications – chondroprotectors. There were chondroitin sulfate injections paravertebrally or into the interspinous ligament of the affected segment, and glucosamine sulfate injection in treatment. After performing the manual therapy (neuromuscular therapy, mobilization, manipulation) was used corset immobilization. All patients had physical therapy (traction, strengthening, stretching exercises.). The treatments showed pain relief, improvement of functional status.

The presentation will consist of the following sections: introduction with relevance, materials and methods, results, conclusions.

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1980-1981 Vinnitsa Medical Institute, Ukraine

1984, 1986-1988 Kyiv Postgraduate Medical Institute, Ukraine

1996 Rocky Mountain Associates in Orthopedic Medicine, Loveland, Colorado, USA

1996 University of London, Institute of Neurology, UK

2011 Professor in Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Ukraine

2015 President of Ukrainian association of osteopathic and chiropractic manual therapists