Glossary in
Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine


The field of Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine contains many unique terms and phrases; it also uses certain terms and phrases in distinctive ways. Furthermore, contributions to this field come from a number of different “schools” with strong influences from different specialties. In the international arena, as represented by FIMM, translation of such unique and distinct terminology is further complicated by translation into the official and/or working languages of the Federation – namely French, German, and English.

The purpose of the Glossary is to unite the many manual medicine schools and their graduates in their understanding of the scientific, educational, and clinical literature now being published. This can only foster better communication, advancement, and application of the growing evidence-base for the field.


Peter Adler-Michaelson
Juan Aycart
Norm Broadhurst
Marc-Henri Gauchat
Wolfgang Gilliar
Wolfgang von Heymann
Michael Kuchera
Jean-Yves Maigne
Sergei Nikonov
Matthias Pzcsolla
Glen Gorm Rasmussen
Bernard Terrier
Marie-Jose Teyssandier