Lecture 6

Groin Pain: Diagnosis and treatment of peripheral and referred pain syndromes via Manual Medicine.

  • Dr Florian Wagner

    General Practitioner
    Manual Medicin Specialist (MWE, DGMM)
    Acupuncture / Phythotherapy ( SMS)
    Medical Doctor of Osteopathy  (M.D.O-DGCO)

Starnberger Wiese 44
D-82319 Starnberg
Phone: 0049 (0)172 9632095


Pain in the groin region is a common symptom in general and specialist practice. Besides specific structural problems, e.g. hernias, degenerative articular or visceral pathologies, that need specific treatment, or have to be excluded via a careful diagnosis, groin pain can be a referred pain symptom caused by highly variable intersegmental convergence mechanisms of a segmental dysfunction from the thoracolumbar down to the sacrococcygeal junction.

Besides that, peripheral nerve pain syndromes, local myofascial lesions (e.g. tenderpoints) can cause the same clinical signs of regional pain in the groin.

Aim of this presentation is to give a structural overview of the possible mechanisms causing this regional pain syndrome, that can be diagnosed as a specific functional problem and treated via Manual Medicine.

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2006-2008 General Practice

2006 Psychosomatic Therapy Education

2007 Education Pain Therapy

2007-2008 Education in Chinese Medicin Phythotherapy

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2010 Internship, Pain Therapy, Dept. of Pain Therapy, Schön Kliniken Harthausen Germany

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