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International Federation for
Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine

About FIMM

FIMM is an International Medical Organisation representing thirty National Associations. Office bearers are democratically elected.

FIMM was founded on May 1st 1958. Dr Christian Terrier (Switzerland) was a driving force in calling the first meeting to establish this international medical organisation. The formation of this new body took place at a meeting of manual practitioners from six nations who had gathered for a clinical meeting. The represented countries were Belgium, Great Britain, France, Scandinavia (representing the Scandinavian countries), Switzerland and Western Germany. From this humble beginning the organisation has expanded rapidly to now include thirty member nations from all corners of the globe.

The first official Congress of FIMM was held in London in September 1965. At this meeting were representatives of all original founding national organisations. Since this first meeting, an International Congress has been held every three years. Election of executive office bearers also takes place at these meetings. The current international format of FIMM is clearly identified with the location of these Congresses. The 14th International Congress was staged by the Slovak Society of Myoskeletal Medicine (SMSM), a member of Slovak Medical Association (SkMA), in conjunction with FIMM. This meeting took place in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, on 15-18th September 2004.

The commitment of FIMM to the arena of patient care responsibility and an evidence-based approach to medical diagnosis and treatment accelerated following the 1997 General Assembly in Prague, Czech Republic. It was here that the decision to form Scientific and Education Committees was passed. The choice of chairmen again illustrates the international diversity of FIMM (Danish and Dutch). The committee members are gathered from medical doctors and full-physician D.O.s (USA) representing a further 10 countries. For further details on the aims and functions of these committees please access data via indicated icons.

FIMM was founded on the concepts of European based manual therapy.  It has subsequently expanded to include musculoskeletal medicine and osteopathic medicine. Chronic pain management and injection techniques are now considered to be within the scope of manual/musculoskeletal medicine practitioners. Musculoskeletal medicine perhaps defines the discipline of evidence-based medicine encompassed by FIMM most accurately.

FIMM is a non-profit medical organisation that is funded through levies placed on National Society membership. Dues generated are then utilised to fund the activities of the Scientific and Education Committees. It is the aim of FIMM to enhance the teaching of medical practitioners practising manual/ musculoskeletal medicine and to advance the principle of evidence-based medicine. These achievements will ultimately benefit the patient.

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